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hi. are you stuck on linux, and wanting to go back to windows? are you having an issue with grubb destroying your MBR? well, i have an accessible solution for you.
step 1. create a bootable installation of windows using a USB or CD drive, or by using SD if that's an option, using rufice. on your boot options. If you don't know how to get into the boot menu, simply press f12 if your on del, and f9 if your on HP.
step 2. select your boot device. If your using the f12 method, you should be brought into a menu with, onboard sada/ssd/sshd harddrive, usb floppy drive, cd/dvd drive, diagnostic test's, or usb device. You may need some sighted assistants. I pressed down arrow twice to get into the usb option then press enter. at any moment your computer should reboot and it should say press any key to boot from USB flash media. press, lol, any key to boot into the USB drive. note: if your simplistic, you can, try, to boot into windows recovery assistant, but grubb could have messed it up so i guess you can waste precious minutes or you can folow through.
step 3. installation of windows. for this guide i will be using windows server 2022, because that's what i'm overriding ubuntu with. now, choose the upgrade option when you get the chance. you'll get a dialog box that states that you can't. well good friends, ya can! folow this!
step 4. destroying grubb! now's the fun part. it's windows recovery assistant! the accessible version, at that. open the command prompt and type the folowing.
bootrec /fixmbr
congradulations! you have successfully destroyed grubb. i will update this guide if i find any more solutions. thanks for reading and let me know if it worked if you have or had this problem as well! edit. when installing windows after demolishing grubb, you will need to delete the actual grub partition. when windows setup asks for a drive for OS install, delete all existing partitions. you should be able to install windows going forward. don't forget to go back into the bio's and uncheck the usb checkbox and check your internel drive.

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